A look at the rest of 2021 and #theetsymarket

August 5, 2021

Well, that past 18 months was interesting. And hard. And I miss all you lovely vendors and community so much.

As life begins to open up this summer and fall, I have started receiving DM’s and emails about what might be happening for the fall and winter. While I miss you all so much, I made the very hard decision to hold off on in person markets until the spring of 2021. With the birth of my third child 8 weeks ago, I don’t feel I have the bandwidth to run the in-person market that many of you have come to know and expect.

That being said, I still wanted to do what I can for our amazing vendors. So with the help of Etsy Corporate, I will be planning two more virtual Etsy Markets for late September and for mid November in the same format as the last 2 virtual markets.

Some of the benefits of participating in the Etsy Virtual Market

A virtual market is not only about sales, it is also a huge marketing opportunity, which has ripple effects long after the market closes.

  • Participate in the virtual market concurrently with other markets
  • Etsy is trusted & well known for quality sellers/products
  • There has been a substantial increase in Canadians shopping online since the onset of the pandemic that is expected to continue
  • Exposure to a new customer base – concentrated locally (but also to a wider audience)
  • Boost in SEO from published vendor lists and look book that remain online
  • Participation in Lookbook (The holiday and spring look book had 33,000 and 23,000 impressions respectively)
  • Motivation to take a fresh look at your shop by investing energy in your shop listings, photos and marketing
  • Build traction on your Etsy shop (increases in visits, sales and reviews will help you rank higher in the Etsy search algorithm)
  • Promotion from Etsy Corporate (market listing on their site, localized email sent to customers)
  • VEC promotion through blog, FB and IG advertising and newsletter distribution

Applications are now open for the fall and holiday markets.

Fall September 24/25/26: https://www.cognitoforms.com/VancouverEtsyCollective/theetsymarketvancouverfallvirtualmarket2021

Holiday November 12/13/14: https://www.cognitoforms.com/VancouverEtsyCollective/TheEtsyMarketVancouverHolidayVirtualMarket2021

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