The women behind the scenes

July 11, 2019

Vancouver Etsy Collective truly is a team effort

Behind every great venture is a strong team, dedicated to challenging boundaries and keeping things innovative. Vancouver Etsy Collective is no different and we are so very appreciative of the contributions we’ve received along the way. Past Team members, fantastic Vendors, committed Partnerships and our forever patient families (yes, it’s totally possible you may see our children helping on set-up day and yes, we are paying them in popsicles) all play an important role in VEC’s success.


Creator + Owner of Veespoke, Special Projects Coordinator at Dress for Success and Co-founder of Vancouver Etsy Collective, it’s likely you’ll find Valerie multitasking …. while serving up goldfish crackers to her boys… and also completing the floorplan…. as well as sewing scarves…. we could go on. A logistics wizard (we’re not exaggerating), Valerie ensures VEC’s markets and events run smoothly and reminds Leah of all the realistic, important details she overlooks.


Creator + Owner of Love My Local, C0-founder of Elysium Projects, a boutique consulting & investment firm, and Co-founder of Vancouver Etsy Collective, Leah enjoys musing over “the big picture” and shooting for the stars. She believes in embracing challenge, limitless growth and that it’s acceptable for entrepreneurs to drink before noon.


Nothing can replace the experience of owning a successful Creative business. The events and markets we organize always come from a Maker’s perspective. We know what works because we’ve been (and still are) in your shoes.  Together, we have created a supportive platform for Creative businesses to grow, share knowledge, connect with buyers & wholesalers and succeed. We’re here to help!

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