BAM Woodworks

Art and Design

BAM Woodworks (Brad, Alex, Monica) is a family run business based in Vancouver, BC. Brad is an artisan and makes a line of handmade pieces made from locally reclaimed, domestic and exotic woods. We find our reclaimed wood on walks in the forests in and around Vancouver. We also collect fallen Arbutus branches from the Gulf Islands, in particular Galiano Island. Candle holders, boxes, and jewelery form the basis of our business, although we also make keychains, magnets, spatulas, pencil holders i-pad holders, picture frames, and coasters. Each piece is hand crafted from beginning to end using quality materials and every piece has a silky smooth finish.
We search the forests for appropriate fallen branches/trees. These are used for candle holders, jewelry, keepsakes, and spatulas. It is important to find the right pieces that show distinct markings and the right amount of aging. Then we take these pieces and store them at my shop to dry, which can take from six months up to a couple of years. They are then sorted and used in a variety of ways.
They are then cut to size and shaped with mitre saws, scroll saws, sanders, and drill presses. After the final product is shaped it is meticulously hand sanded, oiled, and hand sanded again creating an incredibly smooth finish.

Part of our business is making cremation urns for a local funeral home. For this I use dimensioned lumber and I found there were a lot of small pieces of wood left over. I decided to use these leftovers to create smaller wooden boxes, keepsake/trinket holders.

The artwork consists of mountains, sky and water. I really enjoy creating pieces people love.


Find us at the following markets.

BC Home + Garden Show – VEC Section (Past market)
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