Over the Hill Studio

Art prints, greeting cards and postcards that make you chuckle, chortle, giggle and guffaw.

Art and Design

Funny...Original...Weird...and sometimes all of the above.

That’s what I go for each time I make my art prints, postcards and greeting cards at Over the Hill Studio. True, I also draw Pacific Northwest scenes that your grandma would love, but if you look closely, there’s usually a Sasquatch lurking in there somewhere...
Let’s face it. Most posters and cards are just boring, just pretty, or worst of all, just not funny. At Over the Hill, I’m starting a revolution on walls and mailboxes everywhere. So rip up those cheesy postcards, tear down those Bob Ross posters and join me as I poke fun at life and the absurdity of the everyday!


Find us at the following markets.

Vancouver Etsy Co Spring Pop Up (Past market)
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