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Welcome to Sissi & Co!

Here you will find a collection of handmade stuffed animals for little ones (or grownups): Miss Souris, Mister Chat and Mister Lapin.
They are inspired by my lifelong companion Sissi, a plush mouse who has been by my side since I was a week old.
Her name comes from the word “souris”, French for mouse, which as a 1-year-old growing up in France I pronounced as “sissi.”
She has been my constant companion and childhood memory keeper for more than 30 years, and so I decided to name my collection after her.

Each Sissi & Co stuffed animal is handcrafted with love and care from carefully chosen materials and beautiful fabrics, making it a unique companion.
My hope is that they bring comfort and warmth to your loved ones, like Sissi did for me.

Bonne journée!



Find us at the following markets.

The Etsy Market - Vancouver Virtual Edition (Past market)
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