The Wildflower Bee

“Grow wildly, humbly and with love”

Art and Design

The Wildflower Bee is all about creating intentional art that encourages self love, growth,
positivity and healing in the everyday life. Most of my illustrations come to life when I am
relaxing, de-stressing and needing some encouragement myself, in my everyday. I hope that my art can be an encouraging message that reminds people that there is always room to grow and heal; everyday is a new day with endless possibilities. It’s important to me to create art from my heart and creating art that brings light to a greater message. My art is inspired by growth, nature and positive messages. I hope that my art can encourage change in the world to take care of ourselves, our Earth and each other. All the while finding harmony in our hearts and souls through growth and dedication.


Find us at the following markets.

Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
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