Jurying isn’t easy . . .

August 29, 2019

Each year we see an overwhelming number of applications flood in to participate in the Vancouver Etsy Made In Canada market. Although we are humbled and astonished at the response, we have to be honest here . . . jurying applications is the HARDEST part of our job. Yes, it’s comparable to getting up at 4am to set up vendor tables and electricity but we still think jurying takes the cake.

Why is it so hard?

It’s not JUST the sheer amount of applications we receive, it’s also the quality. Creative’s are constantly evolving through our creative outlets and this reflects in applications each year. Some vendors have been with us from the start and we’ve been lucky enough to watch as their work develops beyond simply “crafting” to pieces that very easily outshine anything mass produced. Creative’s aren’t JUST advancing in their craft but also in their ability to showcase their work. This means literally HOURS spent figuring out how the heck to take high res photos, meticulously planning their booth set up and developing their copy writing skills to try to convey just what their art means to the public. Don’t forget learning to keep their Etsy Shop’s and website’s up to date, pricing their products appropriately and getting confident at chatting with shoppers. Thoughtfulness and effort are poured into the applications and, as a Jury member, it doesn’t make our job easy.

We are Creative’s ourselves and empathize with learning skills on the fly but, as Jury members, we do our best to curate a memorable Etsy market each year, trying to ensure there’s ‘something for everyone’. As applications start to come in, we begin the lengthy process and start to reflect on each potential vendor.

  • Is this Creative new or a past vendor?
  • Does their community voice reflect the positive foundation Vancouver Etsy Collective wishes to create?
  • Are they Media Ready?
  • Is their Art, Craft or Design outstanding, relative, interesting and one-of-a-kind?
  • Will they interact with Etsy Market attendees in a relatable way?
  • Have their pieces evolved or is there a new product line?
  • Is there category over-saturated?
  • Are they active on social media and ready to support the event?
  • Are their price points reasonable?
  • Would they benefit from being a part of the VEC community?
  • How do they fit into the Etsy Market as a whole?
  • Is there Etsy Shop and/or website up to date?
  • Do they have both product and lifestyle images that are accessible?

These are only the first few points that come to mind but so many other factors contribute towards the jury process and it’s enough to make anyone’s head explode!┬áThat being said, after all the hard work and late nights digging deep into applications, the end result is something we are so very proud to share with the Vancouver community.

And with that (drumroll please), we’d like to announce the outstanding Creatives that have been curated for the 2019 Vancouver Etsy Made In Canada market!


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