Vancouver Etsy Collective partners with BC Home Shows

July 26, 2019

Time to G R O W

Here at Vancouver Etsy Collective, we realized that we had way too much time on our hands and needed more to keep us busy. HA – OBVIOUSLY KIDDING!

On a serious note, Val and I are always looking to the future and searching for opportunities to support growth for Creatives and we are so very excited to announce our partnership with BC Home Shows. When the HUGE guys are interested in collaborating with the small guys (such as our cozy Collective), great things can happen. Exposure, foot traffic, and a gigantic marketing budget are the obvious pluses that come to mind but, beyond that, we feel strongly that this partnership will help to propel our Collective forward. . . and, let’s be honest, a new event is just plain exciting!

We want to acknowledge our dear friends at Portobello West, who have spent many wonderful years hosting a unique section in both the Spring BC Home + Garden and Vancouver Fall Home Shows. As they take a step back and pass this opportunity along to us, VEC is thankful for the solid foundation that PW has developed at these events.

PW and VEC believe our values are deeply aligned and focused on creating opportunities for vendors to gain exposure, experience success and make meaningful connections that will grow their business. PW will present their final Fall Home show this October and VEC will take over going forward, starting with the Home + Garden Show February 19th – 23rd, 2020 at BC Place Stadium.

Although these events will continue to be juried and curated, Portobello West vendors that have participated in either show will receive special consideration when applying through Vancouver Etsy Collective.

Applications for the Spring show can be found HERE

And for that BURNING QUESTION that all of you are about to ask . . .  NO, you do NOT NEED an Etsy Shop to apply for the BC Home show events.

So what’s so great about these “Big Guys” anyway?

  • 54,700 visitors in 5 short days!
  • 240+ Million PR media impressions
  • 96% unique visitors (so don’t limit yourself to just one show!)
  • Markets to Attendees with high disposable income and ready to shop

Vancouver Etsy Collective will host a highly curated section in both these shows so space will be limited. This ensures that Sellers are receiving the most value possible for their booth fees and do not have to worry about over-saturation in any one category. We are Sellers ourselves and understand the market curation plays a strong role in whether you have the opportunity to be financially successful. We are ready to W O W Home Show attendees with your beautiful products and look forward to your applications!

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