EastVan Bees

From the Hive to You

Food and Beverage

EastVan Bees is all about the bees. We work with hive host homeowners businesses and community gardens in various Vancouver neighborhoods to produce the most diverse multi-floral honey that can only come from here. We use all the products of the hive to make candles, balms, salve and tinctures. Our bees thrive in the urban environment as there is always plenty of food within the diversity of pollen and nectar to make happy healthy bees and that makes for happy healthy honey


Find us at the following markets.

Holiday Pop Up 2023
Maker Supply Market (Past market)
Vancouver Etsy Co Fall Pop Up 2022 (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Spring Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Vancouver Virtual Edition (Past market)
Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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