The Etsy Market Maker: Kitty and Jeffery of Schmear Naturals

November 12, 2020

Meet Kitty and Jeffery of  Schmear Naturals, a natural vegan skincare company.

Introduce yourself and your business.

We’re Kitty + Jeffrey, the co-creators of SCHMEAR Naturals. We are a natural skincare company, using real food and plant ingredients in our line of vegan and cruelty-free skin nourishing goodies.

How do you stay creative?

We draw a lot of inspiration for our products from food and holistic nutrition. So staying on top any trending ingredients, experimenting in our kitchens (both for cooking and testing out new skin nourishing concoctions), and knowing when to step away and take a breather.

Is this your full time gig? If not, what is your day job?

Kitty + Jeffrey has a combined 14 years experience working in the natural foods and wellness industry. Kitty started working on SCHMEAR full time near the beginning of this year, while Jeffrey continues innovating with food and plant ingredients (both for SCHMEAR and for his day job)

Were you born and raised in the Vancouver area or do you come from afar?

Both Kitty + Jeffrey grew up in Vancouver, and can’t get enough of the PNW!

Tell us about your favorite customer?

There are a few customers who we know will be back for our Rosehip + Sea Buckthorn Face Oil every 3 months because it has become a staple in their skincare routine. Yet every time, they will still leave us a review on our Etsy Shop. It’s so nice to see their continued support; they really just want to see us grow and achieve our vision of
creating wholesome skincare made from real food & plant ingredients.


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