What is The Etsy Market?

April 1, 2022

The Etsy Market is series of virtual shopping events created by Etsy that pop up across different cities around the world. Over the past 2 years, with Etsy’s help, Vancouver Etsy Co has hosted 4 virtual markets!

This year, #theetsymarket will look a bit different. It will span over the course of 2 weeks instead of 2 days and will focus on the lookbook rather than a separate event page as the jump off point for shopping!

The Etsy Market 2022 Dates

  • May 6 to 20 (applications close April 15)
  • July 15 to 29 (applications close June 1)
  • November 11 to 26 (applications close Oct 1)

Some of the benefits of participating in the Etsy Virtual Market

A virtual market is not only about sales, it is also a huge marketing opportunity, which has ripple effects long after the market closes.

  • Participate in the virtual market concurrently with other markets
  • Etsy is trusted & well known for quality sellers/products
  • There has been a substantial increase in Canadians shopping online since the onset of the pandemic that is expected to continue
  • Exposure to a new customer base – concentrated locally (but also to a wider audience)
  • Boost in SEO from published vendor lists and look book that remain online
  • Participation in Lookbook (The holiday and spring look book had 33,000 and 23,000 impressions respectively)
  • Motivation to take a fresh look at your shop by investing energy in your shop listings, photos and marketing
  • Build traction on your Etsy shop (increases in visits, sales and reviews will help you rank higher in the Etsy search algorithm)
  • Promotion from Etsy Corporate (market listing on their site, localized email sent to customers)
  • VEC promotion through blog, FB and IG advertising and newsletter distribution

Applications are now OPEN for the Etsy Market. You can apply for all three markets with one applications*.

*Acceptance to one market does not indicate acceptance to all markets – shops must be in good standing and compliant with all policies set by Etsy.

Apply Now!

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