Beauty secrets of Japan

Organic, Handmade, Japanese, Facial, Bodycare

Body Care

Beauty secrets of Japan is a small soap making company that provide handmade soap and bodycare products with only finest Japanese ingredients.

I am a third generation of family soap making business.

As I grew up, I saw my grand mother was using only natural materials for her skincare. She taught me simple way to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Since then I believe in the value of natural Japanese herbs and ingredients to benefit healthy looking skin.

My soaps are very unique, label with traditional Japanese color.

I am very proud to continue my families tradition and to share it with all


Find us at the following markets.

The Etsy Market - Holiday Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Fall Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Spring Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
BC Home + Garden Show – VEC Section (Past market)
Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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