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Pet Accessories

Catcouver creates sought-after products for cats as well as for their humans. Sustainability and safety are at our core as we focus on giving a second life to fabrics and products like cork and empty pill bottles, as well as trying to diminish our carbon footprint. All our toys are play tested by our foster kitties to ensure everything is safe for the cats and their humans. Giving back is also in our DNA. With every sale and service we offer, we donate to VOKRA, a Vancouver-based cat rescue. As we’re always surrounded by cats, by either fostering or cat sitting, we’ve seen everything that cats can do, what they like and what they don’t, as well as for their humans too. All of this is inspiring and dictating the way we’re going with all our different products. With everything we do, we put all the care we can to make sure that our furry clients are happy and well taken care of. We personalize their Advent Calendar as well as send Christmas cards to all the ones we visited during the year with our cat sitting visits.


Find us at the following markets.

Holiday Pop Up 2023 (Past market)
Vancouver Etsy Co Fall Pop Up (Past market)
Vancouver Etsy Co Spring Pop Up (Past market)
Vancouver Etsy Co Holiday Pop Up (in person) (Past market)
Vancouver Etsy Co Fall Pop Up 2022 (Past market)
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