Coghlan Cottage Farm + Soap Co.

More Joy, Less Waste

Body Care

Coghlan Cottage Soap Co. has been turning trash into treasure since 2014.

A former-vegetarian-turned-ethical-pork-farmer, my soapy adventure began when I realized my farm customers were chucking out the (rather copious but glorious) pastured lard from my chubby piggies. I couldn't bear the waste.

Happily, a bit of research revealed that pastured lard makes luxurious soap AND eliminates the need for ecologically destructive palm oil. Ta-freaking-da. Just like that, the Soap Co. was born.

Now the rescued lard together with other fresh, natural ingredients from our family farm come together to make zero-waste, all-natural soap. Our soap is naturally coloured and scented and is designed to bring a little joy and a lot less waste into our daily rituals.

Despite our growth over the years, each bar is still made by me from scratch in small batches in our historic farmhouse in the Fraser Valley.

Our line has expanded to include other products in the same waste-not spirit : packaging-free body and facial soap, two styles of solid shampoo, solid conditioner and our new organic solid dish soap. Our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled paper and we avoid plastic wherever possible in our production process, right down to the paper tape we use to seal our boxes.


Find us at the following markets.

Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
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