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Creation of Cover

In a world where everything seems to be disposable and damaging to the environment, we wanted to come up with a solution to extend the lifespan of clothing for busy kids. Most parents can understand the challenges of finding clothing that allows kids to move and be comfortable yet durable enough to hold up to their playful spirits; however, this typically means stretchy thin materials, especially for pants/leggings which are not durable at all. We have 6 kids between us and it got to a point where we were going through a pair of leggings on a daily basis! We just couldn’t accept throwing away clothing to a landfill simply because it was slightly damaged, and buying new clothes for growing kids is just another expense we couldn’t stomach. So out of frustration and concern for the environment, we created Cover, a patch made from bamboo jersey that stretches! This means that Cover, unlike most thick inflexible patches, can easily bend with the stretch of other fabrics. Cover can be ironed on in one minute and brings new life to a garment that otherwise would have been thrown out!
Thoughtfully made by Chantel & Christy

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Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
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