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If you've wanted to learn a new craft, I have basic yet interesting cross stitch and candle making projects. All my designs are stitched by myself or a sample stitcher so you know they will finish well. I also have some great 3D printed projects with science themes. The DNA icicles are very popular! Every item I make is something that sarcastic geeks wanted to have for first and now I want to share them all with you!

I love needlework and 3D printing because you get to see your creations. Most of my daytime work is theoretical so it is nice to see progress as you stitch. (Warning: It can be addicting as you think: just to the end of this row...this colour...this section.) For 3D printing, it's exciting to see a design come to life.

This shop has gone through a few iterations - single owner to a group of teens and back to a single coordinator. I was cross stitching and some teens in my science enrichment course wanted to try it. They liked stitching but we made too many pieces to keep = CraftGeeks. As the teens moved onto university, they have less time to stitch so I've stayed as the main contact person and we're renamed to Crafty Maker. Thanks to initiative from the teens, all proceeds are DONATED to science education.

For scientists, geeks, makers and crafters, we are just the shop you want. We were working in the lab on research and writing and realized how much we love art and projects with a geeky or sarcastic spin (or both!). We noticed that there are not very many options available for cute, homemade geeky items like the ones we wanted to make so we started designing. Because we were a group with differing expertise, we made patterns with varying levels of difficulty – but all are fun!

Where your money goes:
All profits are donated to a high school science outreach program in Vancouver, Canada. This program inspires and challenges the top students to excel in science and technology. Several of these students become Crafty Makers :)


Find us at the following markets.

The Etsy Market - Vancouver Virtual Edition (Past market)
Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
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