Fertile Beauty

Helping Women Be Healthy and Beautiful - Toxin-Free Self Care

Body Care

I have a passion for making Organic Self Care and Personalized Gifts for Women, especially especially for new moms.

I believe that we shouldn't have to compromise our health to care for our skin and that's why I created Fertile Beauty.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Birth Doula, I help women reduce the toxins in their lives that can affect their health and their baby's health. The toxins found in commercial skin care products are a leading cause of hormone and fertility problems because we use them every day and these toxins build up in your body and create hormonal havoc.

Fertile Beauty Self Care products are so versatile, you don’t need a whole cabinet full of products. For instance, Fertile Beauty Oil Cleanser is a makeup remover and an eyelash serum and the Fertile Beauty Moisturizer is so well balanced and gentle that you don’t need a separate under-eye cream and daytime and night-time creams.

The Fertile Beauty Facial Scrub uses organic calendula flowers to give you a gentle and healing exfoliation which can be used everyday to remove dead skin cells which can get stuck in your pores and cause dull skin and acne. This amazing scrub can also be used as a face mask to nourish the skin.


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Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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