Heuristic Goods

Handcrafted Leatherworks for Every Day


Heuristic? Simply defined, it means decisions based on experience and learning with a hands-on approach. This is how I want to live and do business.

My name is Maddy and I’m the owner and maker of Heuristic Goods, based in Vancouver, BC. My background is in graphic design and I’ve always had a lingering passion for making handmade goods. Over the last few years I’ve been confronted with various struggles and consequently evaluated how my values and worklife align. Heuristic Goods is the result of wanting to do things in a way that make sense to me; that I should create things I enjoy and that what I make would be useful and encourage the consumer culture shift towards quality over quantity and caring about how the items we use are made.

This is why Heuristic Goods has a hands-on approach, providing quality handcrafted and hand stitched leather bags and accessories made exclusively from premium vegetable tanned leathers. Not only does Heuristic Goods value the human touch, but also considers the natural marks, wrinkles and blemishes that developed in the cow’s life as added unique character on each full grain hide.

Every piece is created to be practical and beautiful. The simple design and durable materials make for perfect everyday accessories that are versatile and will last for years to come. Being unlined exposes and highlights the handcrafted construction and beautiful character of the high quality leather. Veg tan leather is known for the gorgeous patina that develops from the aging process (especially lighter colours). This means each piece will become unique to you and your lifestyle.


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Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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