Hygge Life.

LIVE yo life! E'ry day!

Home and Decor

At Hygge Life Vancouver Shop we believe life should be lived! But that doesn’t mean it has to get complicated....

We believe that we need to make the most of our time on this planet! That for us means indulging in simple pleasures everyday, and surrounding ourselves with things that spark joy for all five senses.

That's what led us to start making our own products....

We create products that can be incorporated into your everyday routine, from getting ready in the morning, to relaxing before bed. Our little things make a big difference.

We use all natural ingredients, and simple formulas for ALL of our products. We believe in using ingredients that are gentle on our skin, our eyes, AND our planet.

Hygge Life Vancouver Shop is not about “treating yourself”. (Treating yourself means you only do so on occasions.)

We believe in nice things for all five senses everyday!!!

Whether it be the smell of peppermint and lavender, the feel of silky soft skin, or the look of ambience in your home; you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

Stay simple, stay well, and Hygge yourself! You’re worth it. All day. Every day. For life.

*All products are handmade from natural ingredients, and all packaging is reusable and/or easily recyclable for local pick-ups, not just specialty recycling depots. (Assuming you have recycling pick-ups where you live.)


Find us at the following markets.

The Etsy Market - Spring Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Vancouver Virtual Edition (Past market)
Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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