started my journey with jewelry a few years ago, but I have been involved in the arts my whole life. I went to University of Saskatchewan and studied Art and Art History. Also different areas with lithography, printmaking and painting. I've always had more of a creative side in doing things differently and I have always been passionate about art and creating. It never really came to me to make jewelry until I would always see these necklaces or try and piece them together the way I wanted it to look on myself and also I wanted a more affordable experience. When I decided to start doing this seriously, I got such a positive feedback right off the bat, that I knew I was on the right path. I always felt I was wanting to just get better and create more and people have been so supportive through my journey. I feel so determined and constantly strive to out do myself. Im always creating and thinking of new ideas of how I could improve or push myself into bigger steps. Im currently living in Calgary, Alberta and continuing to reach out my abilities. From local markets to selling in local stores. Every single piece I have made makes me feel so happy and I just want my customers to have the same experience! What makes this worth it is when customers feel they have gotten something special and are proud to be wearing one of my creations.


Find us at the following markets.

Vancouver Etsy Co Fall Pop Up
BC Home + Garden Show – VEC Section (Past market)
Holiday Pop Up Market (Past market)
Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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