Nara Paper Co.

All things paper, for you and me.

Paper and Stationary

Our business is called - Nara Paper Co. - where we love and appreciate all things paper.

5 years ago I (Priyanshee) moved to Canada from India with one in thing in my mind, to build a career where I love my work. This is me taking a step to make it a reality. Growing up I've been in love with - stationery. I know it sounds funny but it's more than just a hobby. To me it's about expression of thought and organization of it.

Now, I'd like to share this with everyone. Earlier this summer my boyfriend Seva and I created a beautiful home based store - Nara. Today we're announcing our brand - Nara Paper Co. Under this brand we plan on carrying quality paper products which includes everything from planners, journals to stick pads and sticker sheets.

This company means a lot to us as it is a product of ambition and hard-work. We are really excited to go on this journey with you!


Find us at the following markets.

Vancouver Etsy Co Holiday Pop Up (in person) (Past market)
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