Not Too Sweet Drinks Inc.

Something completely dfferent for your taste buds — a gang of craft sodas that comes with fun flavours and a pep for your step.

Food and Beverage

Not Too Sweet started in a kitchen. No, wait, back it up, that’s a lie.

It all went down in Germany — bodies melting in a heatwave and dying for something cold to drink. Not water. Not pop. Nothing average. We needed something with life!

Enter: a craft cola. Bam. It iced us to our bones and electrified our spirits. Listen, we’re not into stealing ideas, but... we stole the idea. We wanted to share this amazing breed of delicious, refreshing, super-chill beverage with everyone we know and everyone we don’t.

Then came the kitchen back at home, the hundreds of failed recipes, the sticky apartment, an obsession with taste and quality, and finally a winner. We took it to the farmers’ market, people were into it — “it’s not too sweet!” — and a name was born.

The love for our cola went to our heads — so we tested more flavours. Our craft sodas are classic, spicy, fruity, and fizzy. They’re not like anything else you'll pour down your throat. They can keep up with your good times. They'll satiate your thirst for adventure. And they’re totally crush-worthy.

So if you like doing things a little differently, you're our kind of people. Come along for the ride!


Find us at the following markets.

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