Japnenese Style nail design


RuwooBeauty is a nail art business name based on the name of the organizer Ruby Wu, who had always loved creating beautiful nail art designs. She had a natural talent for mixing colors, patterns, and textures to create stunning and unique designs.

In 2022, Ruby went to Taiwan, studied nail art, and got a certificate of Gel Nail Art. After that, she decided to turn her passion for nail art into a business. She started her own nail art business, specializing in creating high-quality, handmade nail art products.
Ruby spent months researching the latest nail art trends, experimenting with different colors and textures, and developing her own line of nail art products. RuwooBeauty used only the highest quality ingredients and materials, ensuring that each product was safe, long-lasting, and free from harmful chemicals.


Find us at the following markets.

Vancouver Etsy Co Spring Pop Up (Past market)
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