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​Subject II Change offers energetically bound jewelry to enhance your personal journey.

My name is AJ Molinari and I am the designer and owner of jewelry company Subject II Change. When I created Subject II Change, I had no way of knowing that it would take me on such a wild and wonderful journey or that it would enable me to cross paths with so many truly beautiful souls.

I grew up in a city just outside of Toronto, and am a self-taught artist. As a teenager I started designing jewelry as a way of coping when life got a bit too hard. It’s funny to think back on it now because it was in trying to escape the world that I found the one thing I wanted to share with it the most.

So, in 2013, I invested everything I owned and went into debt to finally get things off the ground. Though completely nerve-wracking––I mean I pretty much flipped my whole life upside down––it was absolutely worth the risk. Within the first three years of operation I was able to move the company cross-country from Toronto to Vancouver where I currently reside.

Since then, I have formed a beautiful partnership with lululemon Athletica. It’s a relationship that I am extremely proud of and one that has enabled me to travel throughout Ontario and B.C. to offer Subject II Change pop-up shops within various lululemon stores.

Being able to interact with every single one of my customers on a truly personal level, learn their stories, and collaborate to create energetically bound jewelry that reflects their deepest needs and strongest desires is an absolute gift.

These are crazy and exciting times, and in a world that is constantly changing, it’s no surprise that we are changing along with it every day. For this very reason, I design each and every one of the Subject II Change collections to offer versatility of character and to compliment the ever-evolving life and style of each individual customer.

Remember, we are all subject to change. So, no matter where you are on your personal journey, wear your pieces proudly and differently.

AJ Molinari



Find us at the following markets.

The Etsy Market - Holiday Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Fall Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
The Etsy Market - Spring Virtual Pop Up (Past market)
Etsy: Made in Canada 2019 (Past market)
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