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We craft all of our creations ourselves, largely by hand, from plastic we collect in our neighbourhood and recycle in our Precious Plastic-inspired workspace.

By locally integrating the recycling process with the re-manufacturing process, we completely cut out the fossil fuel-powered supply chain.

We aim to demonstrate an effective, eco-friendly, and community-enriching plastic recycling process, which I think we can all agree, the world desperately needs!

We've essentially taken the pre-industrial artisan-centred model for producing goods and adapted it for modern resources, techniques, and needs.

Traditionally, a furniture maker would harvest wood from the forest, cut it into boards, and shape those boards into finished products. We harvest plastic from the urban landscape, process it into wood-like boards, and shape those boards into home decor.

By using empty single-use containers as a "raw" resource, we can create things people need without taking any more from nature. Plus, this resource is strong, long-lasting, colourful, antimicrobial, and undesirably abundant, making it an ideal resource to use.

Most of our products are made with HDPE from recycled laundry detergent bottles and milk jugs. The shredded & sanitized plastic is mixed into colourful and creative patterns.

The plastic is heated and pressed into boards that have similar strength and properties to wood. We use traditional and modern woodworking tools to shape the boards. The unique properties of this material also allow us to easily bend or weld work pieces together while preserving the material's strength, greatly expanding the design potential beyond what wood can do alone.

It's also waterproof, antibacterial, antifungal, mould-resistant, and weather-resistant without any additional treatment or coating like wood requires. This makes our creations particularly ideal for keeping a clean, artistic, and sustainable home.


Find us at the following markets.

Vancouver Etsy Co Holiday Pop Up (in person) (Past market)
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